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Micah C. Nicholas

121 S. Washington St.

Lafayette, LA 70501

(337) 232-6401

Welcome to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana, Granberry Club!

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share with you Information about BGCA Granberry, and the passionate people who assist in transforming the lives of the youth we serve. Although I have been with the BGCA for a short period of time I have been working with youth in some capacity for quite some time. Our Primary objective is to provide a positive, safe, and successful environment while encouraging social and emotional development through the achievement of academic and personal goals.

          My Staff and I work diligently to discover the potential in the kids we serve, transform their lives, and strengthen the communities they return to for generations to come. We understand that every youth we service is different and that their behaviors stem from different pressures and environments that influence their decision making. While working with the youth an informal assessment is done through observation, interacting with the youth and input from the parents to understand the areas they are deficient in as well as help nourish and polish the areas they are strong in. In order to accomplish this we use techniques such as differential instruction, experiential education, groups (Torch Club, Keystone, Healthy Habits, Triple Play, etc..) and using a variety of community resources.

          We also strive to develop or strengthen prosocial behaviors. This is accomplished by providing structure and discipline, giving the youth an understanding of accepted behaviors and by using positive reinforcement techniques.

          Ultimately by implementing all of these things BGCA Granberry we are looking to accomplish the following: educational gains, reducing recidivism and increase public safety, and returning our students to their communities where they can be productive and successful members of their community. - Mr. Eric, Club Director

Club Hours

Summer Dates
June 3rd - July 31st
Closed: July 1st - July 5th 

Monday - Thursday: 
2:00PM - 7:00PM
2:00PM - 6:00PM


Programs & Activities

Each Boys & Girls Club has a variety of special programs and activities. This Club focuses on:

  • Club Leaders in Training

  • Money Matters

  • Kids in the Kitchen (in partnership with Junior League of Acadiana)

  • Smart Girls

  • Healthy Eating with LSU Ag Center

  • Be a Star Bully Prevention Program

  • Triple Play

Contact Club Director Eric Jolivette at to find out how to become a  program partner!

Organization wide programs offered


Academic Success


Character & Citizenship 

Youth for Unity (10+)

Youth of the Year

After School Transportation Details
These schools drop off at our Club:
Holy Family Catholic School
Willow Charter Academy

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